Unit 17 – Yr 5

Yr 5 – Unit 17: Las Estaciones

Each lesson plan gives the English meaning of all vocabulary, support with pronunciation, explanation of grammar points,  information about culture and detailed location of recommended resources, e.g. songs.   Other resources to accompany the lesson plans can be found at the end of each unit page,  and,  under the main Spanish tab there are also other useful resources, e.g. ‘Ideas for language games’,  ‘Classroom phrases and instructions’, ‘Phrase and word booklet’, ‘Pupil Talk’  and ‘Phonics’.

Examples of activities from the Scheme of Work to meet the end of year objectives – Year 5

The learning outcomes outlined in each lesson plan are linked to the PoS objectives and end of year objectives.  PoS objective ‘Seek clarification and help’ is not specifically referred to in the lesson plans, as it will occur as a matter of course during the teaching of all lessons (see ‘Pupil Talk’ under main Spanish tab).

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Yr 5 Unit 17 lesson plans with examples of activities from the Scheme of Work to meet the end of year objectives – now all in one document for easier download:

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 Unit 17 Lesson 1

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 Unit 17 Lesson 2

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 Unit 17 Lesson 3

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 Unit 17 Lesson 4

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 Unit 17 Lesson 5

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 Unit 17 Lesson 6

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 Unit 17 Lesson 7

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Picture and word flashcards

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Picture and word flashcards

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Power point with sound – Las cuatro estaciones – seasons and weather

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Weather and seasons

Worksheet with written support

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Worksheet without written support

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Pictures and word flashcards

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Birthday date and season power point with sound

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Numbers 1-31 power point with sound

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Word cards

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Power point of words of song with sound in Spanish – La Primavera (Los Pimpollos)

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Song in Spanish and English – words

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Song in Spanish – words

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Poem by Antonio Machado – Amanecer de otoño

Picture flashcards

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Word flashcards

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Power point with sound – Amanecer de otoño

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Words to Amanecer de otoño in Spanish

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Rhyming words – power point with sound

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Rhyming word/picture cards

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Poster picture

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Power point story book of ‘Seasons of the Year’

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Words to poem in Spanish and English


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Picture and word flashcards for poem

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Poem in Spanish 

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Colour song power point

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Support sheet for writng task

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