Information about assessment in PMFL

Daily activities

Daily activities to do in primary language lessons

German for use in everyday classroom situations

Classroom language for non-specialist teachers with pronunciation.

How to type German accents

How to type accents with ALT keys

Typing German characters

Ideas for language games

Ideas for games from QCA

Language learning objectives

Language learning objectives from KS2 Framework for Languages

MFL school policies

Examples of school policies for MFL

Organising a language event

Information about and resources for running a language event

Outline of KS2 German scheme of work – yrs 3-6

Details of what is covered in each unit

Scheme of work

This  scheme of work for non-specialist teachers was developed in Enfield.  It is based  around he original KS2 Framework for Languages, and took into account the QCDA materials.  It is designed to be adapted by schools to suit their own needs.  We believe that it delivers the new programme of study for KS2.

Word and phrase booklet

Word and phrase booklet for pupils – print version