Scheme of work

This  scheme of work was developed in Enfield and has the learning objectives of the KS2 Framework for Languages at its core. The aim of the scheme of work is to both increase the confidence and educational attainment and skills of pupils from the Turkish Community and to widen the knowledge of the Turkish language and culture of all pupils and teachers. It offers a complete 4 year scheme for the delivery of a primary modern language. Yr 3 units are 1-6, yr 4 units are 7-12, yr 5 units are 13-18 and yr 6 units are 19-22.  We believe that it delivers the new programme of study for KS2.

Yr 3 – units 1-6

Unit 1


Introducing yourself


Work on geography

Unit 2

Classroom instructions, games and songs

Responding to a song

in Turkish

Understanding simple


Making an animal game

Unit 3

Celebrating achievements

and special occasions


National holidays/ religious holidays in Turkey and in England

School links

Unit 4



İznik Art

Listening to Mevlevi music

(Turkish sufi music)

Unit 5

Responding to a story

Responding to a song-

Ali Baba

Descriptions of animals

Some common phrases in Turkish

Unit 6

Summary of learning over the year.

Food names-vegetables-fruits-drinks

Buying things

Ordering in a restaurant

Making a traditional Turkish dish

Yr 4 – units 7-12

Unit 7


Unit 8

Structure of language, reading different text types,

Expressing opinions about

likes and dislikes

Looking at authentic materials : reading adverts in a magazine, describing a traditional wedding dress

Parts of the body:

“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song

Unit 9


telephone numbers and

prices linked to clothing

role play

Unit 10



Reading a non-fiction text about hobbies

Unit 11

Role play areas in class to practice language

Traditional games,

Playground games,

Board games

Giving instructions

Unit 12

Journey to Turkey:

Planning  journey,

Using ICT, produce power points, possibly use Guitar Hero software.

Environment -bridge/castle…

Yr 5 – units 13-18

Unit 13

Revision of work covered in years 3 and 4,

Link to a school in Turkey Send and receive information related tocultures and schools

Unit 14

Responding to a song

in Turkish

Unit 15


Folklore dancing: traditional and modern; prepare an assembly or a show


Karagöz and Hacivat

Unit 16

Islamic Art: study art pieces and look at the history of famous artists

23 April celebrations.

Unit 17

Literature: comparing and contrasting stories, using the past tense; emphasis on reading and writing

Unit 18

Celebration and

consolidation of learning

Yr 6 – units 19-22

Unit 19

Our World:



making forecasts and presenting weather forecasts to class using ICT

Unit 20

Turkish Shopping:

visit Turkish shops or set up role play areas.


Unit 21

Comparison of modern day

settlements with those

in 1900s





Descriptions (of people)

Produce a brochure using ICT and research skills

Unit 22

Celebration and

consolidation of learning

Producing a newspaper or radio programme; writing features eg fashion or sport column;

Invite in speakers from local radio and/or local paper.