Pack 04 – La Rentrée

Pack 4 – la Rentrée – Teacher notes

Download (PDF, 37.48MB)

Sound recording of all French words/phrases in teacher notes

English reader

Download (PDF, 5.32MB)

French reader with sound recording

Download (PDF, 4.78MB)

Big picture

Download (DOC, 3.27MB)

Songs and rhymes

See pack 01 for songs and rhymes from that pack which can be introduced/practised in any pack

Interactive resources

Classroom objects power point

Download (PPT, 260KB)

School subjects

School subjects power point

Download (PPT, 683KB)

School uniform worksheet

Items of uniform and colours

Download (PDF, 521KB)

Days of week with sound

Download (PPT, 7.41MB)

Days of week crossword

Les jours