Pack 01 – Le quatorze juillet

Pack 1 – le quatorze juillet – Teacher notes

Download (PDF, 25.38MB)

Sound recording of all French words/phrases in teacher notes

French reader with sound recording

Download (PDF, 4.49MB)

English reader

Download (PDF, 6.1MB)

Big picture

Download (DOC, 845KB)

Songs and rhymes

Interactive resources

Family – match up


Family – alphabetical order

La Famille Boulanger

Numbers – 1-10 match up

Numéros 1-10

Numbers – 1-12 multiple-choice

Download (PPTX, 131KB)

Numbers – 11-20 power point

Download (PPT, 1.36MB)

Numbers 21-31 match figures to words

Nos 21-31

Paris presentation

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Song with sound files – Savez-vous planter les choux?

Download (PPT, 9.93MB)