All about assessment sheet

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The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages was developed by the Council of Europe to establish international standards for language learning, teaching and assessment in all modern European languages, including English. Within the framework, there are six common reference levels of language proficiency – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

CEFR – in English

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KS2 Coordinators’ check-list

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Languages Ladder

A “ladder of recognition” for beginners – grades 1-3 (Breakthrough)

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Learner characteristics – yrs 3 and 4

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Learner characteristics – yrs 5 and 6

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MFL yr 6 transition information sheet – Enfield 2012

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Monitoring good practice in a PMFL lesson

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Recording progress sheet

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Comparison of National Curriculum Levels 1-6 with Languages Ladder Grades 1-6

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Languages Ladder – all 6 stages – Breakthrough, Preliminary, Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency and Mastery

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