KS2 Teaching Resources

This section contains:

Additional resources

Contributed by Spanish teachers


Resources for teaching the sounds of the alphabet


Information about assessment in PMFL

CILT video clips with, transcript, context and cpd

These clips are from the now defunct CILT (National Centre for Languages) Primary Languages website

Classroom phrases and instructions

Classroom language for non-specialist teachers with pronunciation

Daily activities

Daily activities to do in primary language lessons

Draft scheme of work for Reception, Yr 1 and Y2

Rationale behind teaching a language to pupils before the statutory age of 7, draft scheme of work for Reception, Yr 1 and 2 with resources.

Fiction texts

The Raúl stories in English for cultural understanding.

Geography Project

Erasmus+ project comparing the Thames and the Manzanares River

How to type Spanish accents

How to type accents with ALT keys

Typing Spanish characters

Ideas for language games

Ideas for games from QCA

Language learning objectives

Language learning objectives from KS2 Framework for Languages

Media clips for upskilling

Video training clips

MFL school policies

Examples of school policies for MFL

Non-fiction texts

The History of Chocolate and The Marshlands of Iberá in Argentina in Spanish

Organising a language event

Information about and resources for running a language event

Outline of  Spanish scheme of work with topics and grammar focus – yrs 3-6

Details of what is covered in each unit


Spanish sounds – power points 1-4  and vowel rap

Phrase and word booklet

Word and phrase booklet for pupils – print version


Authentic poems

Pupil Talk

Presentation to encourage spontaneous pupil-teacher interaction in the classroom.


Raúl stories in Spanish

Scheme of work

This Scheme of Work was originally developed in Enfield between 2005 and 2011 by a team of primary teachers, led by Jan Wilson. It was based around the original Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages, and took into account the QCDA materials. It has been extensively amended since the publication of the new Programme of Study for Key Stage 2 in 2013, and has been adopted as the Scheme of Work for the Hackney Learning Trust.  It is designed to be used by all those teaching Spanish at Key Stage 2, and to give additional support to  non-specialist teachers and TAs, and adapted by schools to suit their own needs.  Year 3 units are 1-6, year 4 units are 7-12, year 5 units are 13-18 and year 6 units are 19-22.  At the end of each unit you will find resources that are referred to in the lesson plans.  There are also details of resources, especially songs and video clips, within the lesson plans themselves.  This Scheme of Work now delivers all the requirements of the new Programme of Study for Key Stage 2.  At the beginning of each unit, before the lesson plans, are the KS2 PoS Objectives and Yearly Statements (with examples) for that particular unit.

Wifredo Lam

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