Yr 6 – School

Each lesson plan gives the English meaning of all vocabulary, support with pronunciation, explanation of grammar points,  information about culture and detailed location of recommended resources, e.g. songs.  Songs from Español Español are linked to the old book version, but the topic is given and each song is named, so they should be found easily in the new electronic version.   

 Unit 19 Lesson 1

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 Unit 19 Lesson 2

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 Unit 19 Lesson 3

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 Unit 19 Lesson 4

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 Unit 19 Lesson 5

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 Unit 19 Lesson 6

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 Unit 19 Lesson 7

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 Unit 19 Lesson 8

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Questions and answers

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School places – pictures and words

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Alphabet pronunciation

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Directions in school

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School subjects

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Text cards for school subjects’ song

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Verbs – present and past tenses

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Verbs – pictures and words in present and past tenses

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Helpsheet for diary work

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